“Peace of mind”


FIB traditionally follows a cautious approach in medical insurance.  We cooperate with professionals and leaders in the insurance field whom TPAs audit every medical case, and monitor every patient in the hospital to guarantee its general well-being and comfort.
There are four types of medical insurance; Individual Insurance, Family Insurance, Maternity Insurance and Group Insurance.

An individual health insurance plan guarantees that you will have access to the best medical treatment options available, without having to worry about the costs, no matter where in Lebanon.

Plans are entirely customizable, meaning they can be tailored to suit your personal needs. Choose from various  plans from the best insurers in Lebanon.

The FIB is the leading provider of local  health insurance. Our highly trained advisors are experts at finding you insurance solutions and can explain your health cover to you so that you understand all the details.

​ All we need to know is where you live and your age to get started.

A family health insurance plan will cover you, your spouse and your children if any injury or illness occurs. You can choose from various plans that can cover your entire treatment costs at the best medical facilities in the world.

This ensures that you won’t be stuck worrying about massive fees and can focus on helping your family through their tough times with the best quality medical treatments available.

Our family health insurance plans are suitable for all ages and occupations, the tailored plans available make family health insurance perfect.

Each element of your personal family health insurance plan can be customized to fit you and your children’s various needs. If you have preexisting conditions that need covering, we have plans that will cover you.

You can choose not only the benefits that you want to be covered under your medical plan, but also the areas you are covered in.

This means that if you and your family love to travel, we can ensure you are covered no matter what country you are visiting, and if you want to be evacuated home for treatment, we can arrange that too.

FIB Will make sure to cater for every one of your family’s current and future needs. Our long established relationships with global insurers mean that we can offer you and your family the best deals and best protection around.

Maternity insurance is vital to ensure that you, your spouse or your newborn child are completely taken care of for the duration of your pregnancy.

There is a range of maternity insurance plans available to you, with varying degrees of cover. You can take control of the extent of your benefits, including how much pre- and post-natal treatment you are covered for, the quality of your delivery and treatment rooms, the hospital you wish to give birth in, the ability to select your doctor, the extent of coverage extended to your newborn once it is born and more.

A maternity health insurance plan will help you to avoid potentially astronomical fees associated with delivering a baby. Should any complications arise during your pregnancy (and we hope not), the resulting costs of complicated deliveries, or to treat your newborn should they have any birth defects can cost thousands of dollars.

Quality maternity insurance is a great way to make sure you avoid having to pay these costs and can focus on caring for your family.

FIB highly trained insurance advisors can help you to understand all the details of the maternity insurance plan. We can list your options, and even recommend a policy that would suit you best, so that you can focus on your family’s rest assured that you will be covered with the best quality health insurance available.

Group plans generally provide better coverage than individual plans. This is because your group policy can include coverage for pre-existing conditions, whereas individual policies generally exclude pre-existing conditions.

Insurers are happy to cover pre-existing conditions in group policies because they receive good premiums from the entire group.

FIB can offer premium discounts on medical insurance and customize coverage for your company or group. Talk to our highly trained and professional advisors about your requirements today.